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Re: Free Physics (like Free Jazz)
Postby nameta9 » Fri Aug 10, 2012 8:59 pm
James S Saint wrote:
nameta9 wrote:we must completely change our paradigm, our way of doing things.

Why exactly "must" you do that?
What do you think happens if you don't invent new lies to live by?

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Go Man, Go !

Go Man, Go ! that little crack on the wall is GOD, but that other crack is the "Origin of the Electron", but the event that happened under the sea 10,000 years ago in a given point is the cause of the pebble on that other side of the street which back caused (through negative time) the shape of a cloud in point Omega in the Sky but forward caused the entity of a Jet Engine appearing in point X, but cross causing the small dent on the floor in the house in point Z, and so on, mix it up, make eveything be the cause of anything else, but also invert it, but also confuse it, but also disconnect entities (create ever new delimitations, and connect the most different things and assign them as one single thing and make it become anything else, like a tire and a cup of tea is a train which is a thought which is a memory, etc.), and make them become the most important thing in the "Universe" and also the least at the same time and so forth and so on, just do it Man, you can do it. Every point in space is the same and different point of any other and all mixed, and all condensed in one point and all time is condensed in one moment but exploded in trillions and all time and space is cross converted and so forth, make it up, use wild formulas, make it go ever more crazy, and mix in Observers (new Brain Machines Observing and Decoding a reality being Observed) and Emotion Engines and Machines and all kinds of things.. Cool, really Groovy....

Firt gear, its all right, second gear hold on tight, third gear, you're out of sight...


Free Physics (like Free Jazz)


Free Physics (like Free Jazz)

Up until now our civilization has always found the "discovery process", the "scientific enquiry process" the most important to "advance", but this is over now, most of what had to be discovered has been discovered, there will be very few really new breakthroughs in Science and Technology in the future, so we must completely change our paradigm, our way of doing things.

We must free ourselves from being slaves to what Nature and the Laws of Physics dealt us, WE MUST ENTER THE AGE OF PURE INVENTION, WE MUST CREATE NEW WORLDS, CREAT NEW LAWS, WE MUST NO LONGER BE SLAVES TO THE TRUTH, ETC. We must stop trying to discover Objective Truths but invent Subjective False Truths, we must worship Lies, we must worship total falsification of reality and all, invent fake worlds and live in them, be crazy to the utmost extent.

What happens in the "Black Hole" where the Laws of Physics no longer operate ? Well Free Physics, all kinds of incredible, insane laws are operating, all things are mixed and true and false, everything is related to everything else through everything else and also disjoint and unrelated, all time is confused, all points in space are mixed up, everything is the cause of everything else and at the same time is composed of everything else and at the same time not composed of everything else and ever so more, more and more wacky relationships, make your mind go crazy, like a pebble and a cloud are the cause of a transistor and the electrons flowing in the transistor are little Suns, but at the same time the cause of the Sun in the transistor came from a car tire on a random car, but no, it is the other way around, and you can have circular time so everything causes everything else (and the set of pictures, of transitions of one Matter configuration to another Matter configuration can go through many trillions of intermediate pictures, but also just one, or minus a trillion or all of the pictures are confused and all cause and effect is deconstructed and reconstructed wrongly and all messed up and so on and such), but was also caused by everything else in cycles going back and forth, and time going crazy and all points in space connected and disconnected and all delimitations as one monolithic block, as a pure Entity and item, but then disconnected and so forth and so on.

Of course what I really invent and think is way more complex and elaborate and incredible than me being possible to explain it or write it, I am just giving you a glimpse of a small parts of my thoughts: I am a Genius, the greatest Genius of all Time, bar none.

Free Physics, all Laws and No Laws operating, make up anything at all, as crazy as possible, connecting all kinds of things and disconnecting them, as a letter on a page is the heart of a person, but that person is a car engine in a transistor that is inside an atom and so forth, and all mixed up, all time and space confused, a total chaos, and all so true and such.

Free Physics like Free Jazz, break all the rules, improvise, experiment, or better still like Contemporary Music where even the instruments no longer exist, but any wild sound is Music, so it must be done in Physics, anything as far out as possible is the new truth...


It Is Not The Economy Stupid ...


It Is Not The Economy Stupid ...

And yet all of the "Economic problems" are really problems of what is "valuable", what is worth "Buying" or "exchanging" and mostly what "New Rituals" must we perform as a civilization, since the economy is just one big ritual with the exchange of money, the distribution of money to some people performed only according to what is deemed worthy, valuable, what has value, what is artistically and aesthetically valuable in a Technological Economy since most labor is irrelevant, automated, a dime a dozen, and most of all the Economy today has nothing at all to do with Work and labor at all, they are two completely different animals (all work and labor is 100 % obsolete in a Technological Economy bar none). All of the Economic interpretations of problems only reflects a desperate attempt at trying to find some kind of "Objective Truth" in the economic exchanges, as if they were some kind of law of physics, when in all truth they are totally invented, arbitrary, totally simply a wild number, a wild quirky number totally independent of any real needs.

Just like the "Services Economy" and all the BS associated, all of the "Education" BS and such, when all of this stuff is just artistic choices, rituals, just arbitrary programming of people to act and behave and exchange totally worthless crap, all that is exchanged is absolutely worthless crap, totally void of any need or meaning, just a total pure invention that wants to make believe that it is a necessity and such (and in fact the real necessities like Health Care and Houses cost more and more since all of the other BS is optional).

So this is the real problem: since the system can no longer find (invent and "create" fairy tale - cartoon jobs) enough fake jobs for fake needs for millions of people in the USA, EU and JAPAN, they have to find a new way to distribute wealth, since only through this fairy tale ritual of work has it ever been possible to distribute cash. But since work no longer has any possible value anymore, since it is not needed, there is no new way to distribute cash, so we are headed towards mass poverty unless we simply give out Free Salaries to All and Cheap Rents to all.

The "pure economic" problems are not really even 1 % of what the real problems are: the real problems are what kind of games does the civilization want to play and choose to play, what new values do they want to exchange...


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by nameta9 » Thu Aug 09, 2012 1:30 pm

Magsj wrote:Are you in a field of work where you have to rely on mathematics somewhat, and which made you arrive at the conclusion in your op?

In the past, yes, Electronics and others, and I know some Physics and such, etc. Just follow the Supercomputers improving and notice no real great breakthrough anymore (top500 org). I may be wrong, since the field is vast and many engineering subfields and such, but all and all, I have a strong gut feeling that it is over and done with, the 20th century Great Leap Forward is over, now we have to change our Brains, Put engines in our Brains, Brains with Pistons and Turbines and Gasoline and All Crazy Gears Inside, put valves and circuits and machines and complex crazy machines in Solid State Brains, Planet Size Brains made of Iron and Steel with Nuclear Reactors inside Our Mind doing all kinds of Groovy Stuff...


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by nameta9 » Wed Aug 08, 2012 3:39 pm

    Amorphos wrote:nameta9

    Evolution in terms of chemicals and patterns may be random ~ let us say, but once you have enough complexity e.g. with mammals, humans at least, that randomness is superseded surely?

Of course it becomes a constrained system, a chain reaction, an obligatory path that Matter is forced to go through. Like when a radio hits on a frequency and gets tuned and captures a signal, like a tuned transistor circuit the frequency of oscillation is tuned to the time constant of the RC circuit, but isn't tuned until it is fed that frequency, so it is with evolution. And actually instead of a simple sine wave, what you get in evolution is a bit set, a repeating bit set, a repeating complex signal, that gets tuned and the signal, the waveform starts to get longer and longer and ever more complex (but repeatable so in theory could be seen on an oscilloscope as a stable signal, albeit ever more complex) , but always being possible only within a very narrow range of conditions, only being possible from a very specific, almost perfect initial mix, an ever longer bit set, an ever longer complex frequency modulation of a frequency modulation for many levels and recursions in ever more precise tuned circuits creating an ever longer bit set, an ever longer information set and information relationships. And all of this also due to all of the complex and detailed and originally provoked from pure randomness of pain/pleasure circuits and action reaction circuits of all of the interacting items and between themselves and their fights and interactions.

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Mathematics is Overrated


In any case, Mathematics is Overrated: just because you have a bunch of formulas and models really doesn't mean much, it is just narcistic: most real world applications and calcuations rarely use such of the complex math and formulas and analytical solutions to equations and such, much real world operating is very down to the ground, very rough calculations stuff, sometimes with computers and Numerical methods to be more precise and such.

The Myth of mathematics, the overrating of mathematics comes from the idea that a few simple procedures and formulas can let you be on top of many different complex phenomena and predict them and such: and so it is up to a point and so it has been in the last 200 years, a lot of great discoveries and instruments, but this has peaked now, it is mostly over, very little new great formulas like Maxwell Equations and such will ever be discovered again, you can discover Maxwell Equations and how to apply them (always partially, and always with approximations and even there most of the time there are no analytical solutions to the differential equations to things that practically really count in engineering and such and you always have to revert back to Numerical Methods and such) only once, once in a million years.

Science is a short story, most of it has been told and concluded in the last 200 years, there will be very little new really great discoveries, now we must invent new discoveries, force them, create them, falsify reality, create new worlds and brains and thought systems and brain machines, etc.



But once again you are implying a purpose, a goal: "The Goal Is For The Species To Propagate" (or survive, or last as long as possible, etc.): FALSE, Not even this goal is operating, what is operating is a chain reaction, a complex chain reaction with many levels of random and detail and many actions and reactions, with no direction at all, not even the direction of preserving a species.

It is hard to get outside of our thinking in terms of goals, mostly cause and effect and direction, since all of our world and thought and language is operating upon discerning patterns, hence goals, hence directions, hence paths, etc.

But evolution can simply be seen as a set of items constantly interacting, some lasting longer, some disappearing, some fighting each other and such. And what gives the direction or goal system are the circuits of pain/pleasure that impose a constraint on how items behave, how they react to another action outside of themselves: some can react against a lot of different complex actions, some less, some casually can last a long time, some may not as soon as some condition changes, and so on.

No species can last more than a few seconds on the SUN, so all species have failed all and any of their goals: ah, but the goals imply where the species must last, so of course, a species gradually lasts longer and longer in a constant environment like earth and such, but that is just because the accumulation of random changes made it become TEMPORARILY adaptable to an always TEMPORARY condition, the condition and environment itself is a fluke item, the system as a whole is totally a fluke item, random, meaningless and can have within itself any possible temporary goal or direction. And then is lasting more time better than lasting less time ? is a big number better than a small number ? are the differences in number values (more time, less time) implying a goal that is better or worse or a direction ? must going from a small number (lasting a short time) to a large number (lasting a long time) better and represent goal achieved ? No, we make up what is bettter or worse, for anything else besides the Man Brain it is all the same and indifferent.

You may say at most, that a direction, or goal, or pattern can be seen within a species as a local pattern, as a local repeatable pattern, but nothing more than this. And you can say this and think this only because all of the formatting of the world in our mind and thought and language and concepts always creates diections, goals, paths and so on.

Hence for a Man Brain everything seems to always have a goal and direction (for a hammer everything is a nail, for a Man Brain everything has a goal and direction), when it is only the Man Brain that is projecting its formatting and its grid on the world according to its own directions and paths and interpretations: a cat doesn't know what time it is, doesn't know how long it lasted, doesn't even have any awareness of time, each moment is all the time there is and will ever be, a billion years or a microsecond are the exact same thing for a cat or for anything else that is not a Man Brain, and it is especially TIME that which gives directions and goals and paths and repeatable patterns, TIME is the great grid that falsifies reality and lets us project our grid on the world thinking that the world really obeys our grid and TIME itself...


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Mathematics Has Peaked

Mathematics Has Peaked

Referencing the thread on Evolution and Purpose I declared that the theory of Natural Evolution is most accurately described simply by concepts, by ideas, by sentences and relationships, not with formulas or any kind of mathematics at all, indeed the use of Mathematics would render the theory less accurate, less precise, more vague, would essentially render the theory more false. This is an interesting case where the Myth of Mathematics, the idea of having Complete Control over how Matter behaves by applying Equations, Differential Equations, Probability Formulas and so on and such can get us "Closer to the Truth", closer to "Understanding" and closer to containing an issue within our mind is finally exposed, mathematics is revealed as totally false, not applicable, not relevant, as using the wrong instrument to explain something, etc.

And actually the use of Mathematics would render the theory less correct and less precise since even if you could have all of the exact formulas and sequence of events that lead from Molecules to the First Cell to the End Result of a Man Brain, even if you had all of the Mathematics precisely correct and such (something I doubt possible), it would be useless, it would be just a random case of formatting just one sequence of events to the utmost precision, but wouldn't reveal anything at all with regards to the true nature of the sequence of events and namely that the events are totally casual, random, disconnected between each other, are not formattable at all, cannot be decoded in any logical way at all, and indeed mathematics hides the real nature of what is going on, falsifies reality by pretending that it abides to something that has Formulas or Repeatable Patterns when this is not the case at all, even if they are discovered in just that one case of natural evolution that we managed to decode, those formulas would not have any general meaning, any deeper meaning than being just casually applicable.

But this brings me to the general idea that mathematics, as an instrument to further understanding has mostly Peaked, has finished delivering what it could deliver, etc. The three body problem can't be solved, most real case applications of Differential Equations cannot be solved analytically and precisely, with closed form formulas, most of what could have been decoded and discovered and used by applying mathematics has been achieved, we are now left with a few breadcrumbs left to discover and use.

And it is significant, especially the use of Supercomputers that try to simulate Protein Folding or the Weather or any other natural events by applying the Laws of Physics and the Differential Equations, that no matter how many "Operations per Second" the Numerical program needed to describe and format a phenomena mathematically (and notice especially the fact that we always have to revert to Numerical Methods and Approximations, a truly definite declaration of defeat on behalf of mathematics, the myth of mathematics exposed even though no one notices this) the results of understanding and the possibility of control and manipulation of phenomenas is always very little anyways.

The fact that we have now reached 10^15 operations per second to describe protein folding for example shows just how much the use of Mathematics to describe nature is at the End of the Road, Has Peaked, is mostly over, it is a declaration of defeat bar none. And wouldn't we have so many new discoveries and applications if the natural phenomena even followed those equations and those programs etc. ? Why such a huge diminishing Returns (but we always like Large Numbers) ?

If mathematics were really describing protein folding we could have expressed it with a few lines of computer code and a few thousand operations per second, it would have been clear that mathematics corresponds to reality, but instead we have that no matter how many billions of operations per second we perform, we never reach anything.

Because as all things that came from the 20th century, the great leap forward of Science and Technology, we thought that that progress could go on forever, and mathematics was mostly applied to machines, electronics, to rockets and missles and so on, and in this case all of the possible use of mathematics has been perfected and explored, but when dealing with natural phenomena such as the weather or earthquakes or predicting the exact shape of a mountain range or the exact shape of a cloud or the exact shape of the next wave in an ocean, mathematics fails miserably. And so also mathematics will end up in the dustbin along with the Myth of Innovation and the End of Moore's Law and all other mythologies on the never ending progress of a science that has mostly ended discovering and has mostly peaked.

And of course, this may be because mathematics may always be simply a rough approximation of something that is infinitely deep and detached from our possibility of understanding, etc.

And in fact most of the really important and new theories will be composed of ideas and concepts and sentences without any use of mathematics, just like the theory of Natural Evolution, the application of mathematics would render all of the new science less precise, less correct, more false, mathematics would lead the theory to actually be less precise, less accurate, less true and such. And we will have trillions of new theories made up of concepts and symbols and complex relationships and arrangements of symbols and new inventions of new words etc. And even new comic book mathematics that are complex and weird and crazy and such.

Of course, I may be wrong and some "New Mathematics" (or better still some New Way of Formatting and Manipulating the Corresponding Associated Symbols Assigned to Chunks of Reality) may actually make us solve the three body problem, solve all of the differential equations that don't have exact analytical solutions, solve how to predict the shape of the next cloud precisely and such. I doubt it though, I am waiting, and most of all I think that it would be useless anyways, since the future of Science and Technology is in the path of inventing new Worlds, inventing new Minds and Brains, Inventing New Laws of Physics, not discovering what some random nature gave us just for the heck of it, we must create our reality, invent how it works, not discover how it works.

And even LOGIC HAS PEAKED, be crazy invent new sciences everyday, invent the craziest things, who cares if it is true or false...

l’imagination au pouvoir. Immaginazione al Potere. Power to Imagination, or may Imagination have all of the Power...


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We are too used to interpreting and decoding things according to what we are already familiar with, with what we know, we try to always translate things into formats that are similar to what we are used too, etc. So the "Aliens" will always be something human like, something similar to us, something we can relate to. But this is false, the truth is much farther from all of this.

What we have in "Natural Evolution" is Matter that self synchronizes itself when it is in certain very specific configurations, when it is composed of a certain combination of elements, of distribution of Mass Energy, when the cinetic Energy of the particles (the Temperature) is at certain very narrow boundaries and levels, the mix of atomic elements and delimitations and boundaries amongst the chunks of Matter are a very specific combination, very precise or at least wthin a range of configurations, etc. What happens for these configurations is a self synchronization of Matter with itself, it enters a positive feedback loop, a run away chain reaction and starts evolving and developing into more complex and higher synchronized chunks of Matter with itself.

Like a radio gets tuned to certain frequencies and finds a signal, so Matter is tuned to itself and starts talking to itself, starts self manipulation itself, starts a long (or maybe short) process bringing forth ever changing and new structures, some of which may become "alive", some of which may become "Observers", or "Information Processors", etc.

Evolution as we know it is too specific, the general problem of how Matter can self synchronize and enter positive feedback loops of self manipulation and a form of self - internal information processing is the correct level of abstraction. And of course, it may even just configure itself in One Shot, as a One Shot Creation without intermediate steps, there may be families of Synchronized Matter, some like our Nature and Natural Evolution, some as a One Shot combination, some as Synchronized Stellar Plasmas, or in Neutron Stars, or in any other possible environment that we many never know or imagine, etc.

But since the possible configurations Matter may be in is so large, more than 10^1000 for example, it is useful to see it as a long line of numbers, or like a frequency range, like the bandwidth of light that goes from a certain low frequency to another high frequency, and at very specific frequencies a radio can tune in and capture a signal, so matter can tune in and start self modulating itself, start talking to itself, start "playing" with itself to achieve many various structures and such.

But we only know this only example of nature on our planet, but are totally unaware of all of the other possible structures and contraptions Matter may express under certain conditions. Natural Evolution is probably only one very simple mechanism and system for Matter to talk to itself, there are probably many, many other systems, an untold number of systems. So you can look at it as a line from here to a trillion kms and imagine that at km 1,234 Matter is in a configuration that can undergo a positive feedback loop of self synchronization and such. And then at 1,555,666,777 kms there is another configuration that can self manipulate and create bit sets that bring forth totally different structures, self aware structures that may have something similar to Minds and Thoughts and Pain/Pleasure systems like us, or many very much more elaborate or deeper or "more advanced", or very different, etc.

And some of these have Minds that self manipulate themselves, and some of the paths may after a long distance of configurations intersect another configuration that came from very far away, they reach the same configuration by traveling very different paths. But there are probably many more configurations that will never meet, that are too far from each other, etc.

So obviously, we cannot have any idea how much diversity there may be in the Universe, how many things Matter can Express, etc. And the path of simply inventing it and constructing it, with intentionality, by inventing new minds and new worlds is just as valid as any other path, nay, immagination and invention is the real science, is the real path forward.

l’imagination au pouvoir. Immaginazione al Potere. Power to Imagination, or may Imagination have all of the Power...

Matter is tuned to certain frequencies...




1) Evolution is a theory that can be explained perfectly only with words and concepts, and in fact applying mathematics to the theory will give you a less accurate theory and idea, a case where mathematics takes you farther away from the precision and understanding of the theory not closer.

2) There are really no explanations, nothing that must be explained or known or figured out within the process of evolution: it is just a long chain of casual actions and reactions, each step a totally random fluke, that leads to some temporary useful "functionality" (for the item) within a very random, quirky, temporary environment that will surely change, and change again and forever.

3) A good way to understand it : take a walk outside, find the first 3 pebbles on the street, measure the distance between them and write down the numbers. Now explain why those are the numbers. Explain the exact sequence of events from present time minus a billion years that lead up to those 3 pebbles being exactly there. Now that is the same random, intractable sequence of events that lead to a human and his mind, or a dog or a fish (or a mountain shape, or a cloud shape) etc.

Hope that clears it up somewhat.


But even if you knew all of the exact steps, the exact sequence of action - reactions, of configurations Matter underwent in 1 billion years to lead to that exact organism, the Man, the Man Brain, the Human Mind, and even if you knew all of the always partial repetitive patterns (the Bit Set, the Repetitive Bit Set, the frequency modulation of another frequency modulation of another frequency and so on for many levels and many levels deep that create the resemblance of "laws of Physics") that matter transited through, traversed through, the partial laws of Physics and Chemistry (since there are many little, partial, local laws and effects and applications of the laws of physics that are being executed as Matter traverses all of its intermediate configurations until it reaches "Man", the "Man Brain"), all of that knowledge and detail, the knowledge of all essentially would be worthless anyways since it would be just one example of one path Evolution went through to obtain an end result.

It would be just one fluke example amongst a virtually never ending set of examples and possibilities that evolution could execute, all by chance, by purely blind chance (just 10 molecules for 100 configurations can combine in more than 10^100 possibilites, etc.).

But you could reply, that by knowing even a small sequence of events, a small slice of evolution could make it repeatable in the laboratory, we could repeat some of the tricks of evolution, we could put matter in a configuration and feed it actions to make it react and evolve into a first cell, or partially so, or any other subfunction or subset of an organism, etc. But I doubt this is possible since the three body problem can't be solved, the initial conditions, even if slightly different can make the evolution diverge largely from what we expect or could lead to nothing, just like the 50 years ongoing experiments with the attempt of creating something more than simple amino acids have lead to nowhere no matter how hard they try.

I repeat, this is no longer within the realm of science, there are no repetitive patterns discernible, it can't be repeated, or every possible repetition will lead to a different outcome, etc.

Also, if you look at all of the finely tuned "purposes" and mechanisms of the Human Body, or any other animal, from the molecules, to their intricate folding process to the signals and processing going on in all of the billions of cells, the nerves, the brains, etc. and then the end result of all of this "purpose" and complex machine is simply animals that don't do anything at all all day long, that have a very simple behavior, eat and hunt and reproduce and that is the end, such a simple program made up of only a few instructions, then you see how totally without purpose evolution and its results are: and Man being an Excess Capacity Item with a Brain that tortures itself, forcing it to have more purpose than simply nothing at all, which is its real purpose, has to desperately invent ever new purposes, ever new repeatable patterns, rules and games and interactions just to keep on living and not get "bored to death": the most useless and without purpose of animals is Man who thinks he has and even needs a purpose, incredible, how totally void man is of any meaning and purpose and how complex the mechanisms underlying his living are. Nothing shouts out more clearly than this that "Evolution, Nature, Life Are Absolutely Void of any Meaning, Value and Purpose, are Irrelevant to the Utmost Extent".

Also, it is mostly an artistic choice, an aesthetical choice, what "looks right", what looks like it "makes sense" to say that a certain mechanism created the heart, or the heart must be explained and such. And why does that even need an explanation ? Why is simply saying "there is no explanation" not enough ?

And why is even a long chain of complex mechanisms, even if discovered and even if correct so much more valuable than saying "No Reason At All" ?

And, if you condense all of evolution (see it in fast motion, all in a microsecond ?) , if you look at the ball of matter that the earth is, and see it self manipulate, talk to itself for a billion years and generate Man and Minds and oppose this to a "One Shot Act of Creation", what is really the difference ? They are both the same, the path that lead to any configuration of matter is irrelevant, could be any at all, could even be a one shot assignment from nowhere and nothing, or it could be a path with 10^1000 intermediate configurations of matter that lead up to the "Result".

The debate between creationists and evolutionists is only about where to put the miracle, if in a One Shot Act of Creation, or a 10^1000 Step Act of Creation, etc.

Matter slowly starts to interact and talk to itself, and starts to create repetitive patterns, a bit set, a set of information that repeats and interacts with other chunks of matter, and so on, and the bit set becomes larger and larger and then sometimes gets destroyed and the process goes on and on until a stable bit set is reached and memorized and copied to other chunks of matter and so on.

The way Matter can self organize itself through casual chance and actions and reactions is mind boggling and a miracle in and of itself, much more so than an Act of Creation, an Act of Creation is actually the logical, simplest and most turstworthy explanation compared to trying to figure out how matter can self interact and create internal repetitive patterns.

And can you imagine how many other possibilities matter may have, maybe inside Star Plasmas, having many trillions of levels of bit sets, all creating a form of life and consciousness, and other forms of life and Minds and consciousness that don't even depend of any underlying material substrate, or any substrate at all, or any relationship imaginable at all!

The more you ponder it, the more you see how we will never know nothing at all, the possibilities are truly without end...

And how will evolution evolve when man starts to change his Man Brain ? Starts to manipulate how his brain works and how it decodes the world, other actions and reactions, and processes and so on.