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One Bit Event


One Bit Event
Notice the huge mismatch between the imaginary accumulation of result in labor, corporations, people always working, always fooling themelves that they are "Producing" (no one one knows exactly what is being produced and for who, what or for who or whatever, but that is ok, only the ritual counts), they work "So many Hours" (as that is the only real thing that can be measured, the passage of time, time, the conquest of a another second, the passage of another second, another second dedicated to the accumulation of some imaginary result (but the only real result, the only real accumulation is the accumulation of Time, the Number, the Hour and Years passed, "what Time is it, what day or year is it, how many years have passed in that "job function"", etc.), when there is nothing behind it all but fluff and the expression of power and status relationships, heirarchies, winners and losers and that is all, no common good here, or anywhere, or has there ever been, the myth of the "Common Good", go figure).

And then the simple One Bit Event, the Mass Layoff deletes it all in a jiffy, exposes how void, useless and redundant all those people were, with all of their labor and "Experience" and such. But so many point like, One Bit Events delete anything, delete entire careers, people working for a promotion for years and the simple decision of any given random turd with the power to "decide" simply decides that the other guy will get ahead, you have been hosed, all your effort has been assigned ZERO, deleted, all those hours and work and overtime simply never happened, etc.

The comparison of accumulation of effort and the accumulation of extension compared to One Bit Events that decide all, that simple accident that killed you, that simple loss that hosed all your work, that simple One Bit Event that decided something, so easy, so light, just One Bit and all extension is deleted, etc. That simple document that you need for something, that simple Bit that is missing and so on and such (and often that One Bit simply reflects a power relationship between people or groups of people, a simple conflicting will power opposing yours, a simple hidden fight, conflict, opposition that is always assigned as Neutral or Objecitve according to some mocking and clown economic laws).

Simply: Don't beleive in anything, it is all a joke, all an illuson, all a deception.

Every Man Brain (person) is right always, every person is a universe, a separate universe that is trying to force the entire universe to be how he decodes, decides and wants it to be, how his will power wants to force it to be, hence other Man Brains and universes fight the contention of how the "Common World" should be when the common world doesn't exist, only contrasting decodings and interpretations and will power events and choices and the fights between people trying to force an imaginary, non existent commmon world to be one, to extend through all time and space and mass energy according to only one Man Brain, since every Man Brain is an entire universe.

But with modified and ever more radically modified Man Brains having new designs and new circuits, the contrast is ever more greater between our Man Brain and the New Man Brains, the possibility of a Common World is ever more remote, the conflict ever higher, the impossibility to establish absolutes ever higher, and considering how many newly designed Man Brains are possible etc. the "Common World" becomes absolutely not even conceivable, so many distinct, contrasting, disjoint, related but unrelated Universes (as every new Man Brain is a New Universe, since only the Experience the Man Brain is Executing is Reality, and these can be so many different types according to the new circuits shoved inside new Skulls) all thinking that they are the Real and One and Only Universe, when they are all irrelevant, a ghost, a make believe, they are all 100 % Wrong (but also 100 % Right), etc.


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Puny Europe


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"I read one blurb in the local paper saying that everyone at G-8 agreed to 'spark growth' in Europe as a way out of the mess. Spark growth?? What the fuck does that mean...exactly? "

You see, the worldwide economy and its models, targets, statistics, values, etc. are all based on the "American Economic Model": And the Model is really precisely the American one, the USA model, as that is the model of Capitalism, Free Enterprise, Consumption, Innovation, Technology etc. that was really successful in the 20th century, that really fixed the baseline and ground point from which all other models and economies and societies and countries would then be measured.

But the model really only ever worked mostly in the USA: it is a case of Capitalism, but especially Consumerism in only one country, all other countries don't come close, will never come close, cannot come close even if they wanted to. And why is this ? because no other country is set up like the USA, with large homes, single family homes, large so that you can fill them up with all kinds of junk made all over the world, 2 car garages, wide streets, front and back yards, etc. And manipulable wood homes, not made of concrete like most of the world where it is hard to modify your home, hence huge Home Depot stores with a huge selection of items, consumption of items and such.

With regards to this: ... ws-on-jobs

Once again, you can see how the USA, the Mother of the Modern Economic Model (the concept of GDP was invented in and for the USA) is really the only model that can work compared to the rest of the world: compare the situation in the USA where there are places that are doing good jobwise, low unemployment, but it is diffused across the country, it is all mixed up, you can go from one place to another, from one state to another and find some work and some opportunity and such. Compare this with the EU where all the "Bad Economies" are concentrated in given countries, in the south, Spain, Italy that has a rigid job market, insane property prices, huge Home Price Bubbles due to the huge insecurity of those populations who couldn't do anything else but hike home prices and rents for decades on end, who don't easily fire and hire (they are now firing mostly, but they hire very few people) because they are static, stagnant economies that can't and don't move around, etc.

And also compare it to Germany the superstar, the Germans don't consume like crazy, they don't buy stuff like crazy, they don't follow the USA model of consumption, of always change, hire and fire so people can change jobs and cities and find something that may suit them better, (in the USA the possibility for change for the better is a bit more conceivable, in the EU you are tied to your situation forever) they have rigid class systems, you can't change easily, but Germany at least didn't have the huge Property Price and Home Value Bubble that killed off Italy and Spain and such.

And in fact, the most important single factor that is keeping Italy and Spain from growing is the huge disconnect between their puny salaries (800 dollars a month) and their huge home prices to rent or buy (at least 1,000 dollars a month), but they blame the low growth on government workers and labor laws and the rigid labor markets but have no intention of changing Home Prices, etc.

But espcially compare the USA to Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and such or Russia or China and such: they only have a few cities where a "Middle Class" lives, only a few metropolitan centers that concentrate all of the jobs and wealth (like Russia with Moscow and St. Petersburg) so they also have high Home Prices, very little real room to grow as space wise, no large homes, no large consumption, etc.

And in fact those countries have very good "Statistics", good GDP growth and good economic numbers, like Taiwan and Hong Kong, but on the ground, they have a hugely inferior standard of living compared to the USA, they only have numbers going for them, not real wealth, like the USA that has huge shopping centers, large homes to fill with consumer crap, even Japan and Germany don't cosume anything, they have saturated markets, lines when going everywhere, crowded, they will never reach the level of wealth of the USA, the USA is at least twice as rich as almost any other country.

But it is due to the very specific history and structure of the USA and its economy, large homes, large roads, built around cars and consumption, large markets, flexible work environment, diffused economy, not concnetrated only in a few cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzen or like Seoul or Tokyo, etc.

So you really think that China can keep on buying 15 million cars a year ? and where will they put them ? in their tight cities crowded traffic jammed cities ? same for most of the rest of the world: the rest of the world simply has huge limitations to any American Style Economic Growth, which then again is the only true Style of Growth the economists all chant about.

And in fact, the mistake is that of thinking that the rest of the world, whether JAPAN or South Korea or EU or Russia or Brazil or China can grow in such puny, tight, crowded places with an anti consumer mentality, with tight roads and small homes, with often huge Home Prices and such and rigid work markets, rigid mentalities, etc.

The mistake is that of trying to extend the American Model, the USA system as valid for the whole world and for everyone, pretending that all countries can "Develope" like the USA did when in fact it is and can be valid only specifically for the USA for so many structural reasons.

And this insistence on Worldwide growth, the Economies Must Grow, will never work unless all those countries become exactly like the USA, huge shopping centers, wide roads and highways all over the place, large homes, suburbs with lots of room and two car garages and front and backyards and places where you can put all the crap you buy and McMansions and diffused economies doing well all across the country, all mixed, not concentrated in only a few cities, etc. and flexible work environments, hire and fire and change and change states and workers feel they can easily change jobs, not like in the EU where if a factory closes an entire town protests and goes insane because they don't want to hire and fire and change and go across the country to another job where the prices of homes aren't fixed high forever limiting all possibilities especially for the new generation and such.

New Brain

typewriter writes:

[quote]There are two ends to the equation. One is our lack of sanity. The other is the ever increasing power available to us. The problem can be solved in either direction. We could become more sane, or become less powerful. The problem is, nobody is really all that interested in either. We want our cake and eat it too, and so we will have neither, sooner or later.


I find it really interesting that we have the courage and vision to tackle the most fundamental aspects of nature, but relentlessly assume we can't fix the real source of our problems, us.

The APE replies:

So you agree with me and my solution: change the brain style, the brain functions and arrangements, the way the brain operates, change the organization of the neural circuits in our brain - mind - memory, in our SKULL, AKA CRACK OPEN SKULLS AND SHOVE JET ENGINES AND V8 ENGINES INSIDE IT TO CHANGE THE WAY THE BRAIN OPERATES, THINKS AND DECODES AND BEHAVES, ETC.

Really, are you serious ? The only possible way to make "Man Sane" or to make him "Do Right", to "Fix The World", is to open all 7 billion skulls on earth and substitute the neural circuits in them with a new circuit, possibly designed by computers or some truly Objective Contraption that eliminates all possible "Will Power Functions", all possible "Conflicts and Fight Instincts" against other Man Brains, etc.

The only solution, crack open skulls and change the way Man is programmed, change his Man Brain. AMEN.


LHC Salesmen


I am really pretty sure of the following:

1) At those Energy Levels, at those complexity levels, at those theoretical levels and such (a 7 billion dollar machine 27 km wide, 3,000 scientists - technicians or so) the result of the discoveries, the results of the experiments WILL NOT AND CANNOT LEAD TO ANY REAL PRACTICAL TECHNOLOGICAL APPLICATIONS. There is nothing we can apply those Energy Levels to in order to provide a function to some kind of problem or some kind of gadget or some kind of solution to some practical problem, it is way beyond any possible practical use or application, bar none;

2) The LHC Salesmen on the other hand always chant the examples of the NASA Moon Landing Program that helped discover Integrated Circuits and other things and such and the Myth that Basic Research can and will lead to new technologies and applications, etc. Maybe in some fields some breadcrumbs are still left (mostly Chemistry, Solid State Physics, mostly Biological - Pharmaceutical or such but the Energy Levels (they are very much lower) involved in these sectors have absolutely nothing at all to do with the LHC Energy Levels). Like the Myth of the "Invisible Hand of the Market", we are always expecting Magic and Miracles to come out of disjoint activities, results that magically appear from nowhere, etc. so basic research will give us some new miracle solutions to problems;

3) The Theoretical - Mathematical - Metaphysical results of the experiments are the only things of any real value that the LHC will provide: but those theories are so detached and far away from any practical life and everyday use as to be closer to ART than anything else: John Cage on Steroids.

Hence, why not just be honest, why not just say: We are doing these experiments only for theoretical and philosophical reasons, there is no Return on Investment to be expected, there is no new application that will pop up from it, it is only for our Knowledge and to further our theory ? AMEN .

And thank god that there is no new possible applications, we now have the ability to integrate 4 Billion Transistors on Integrated Circuits, enough to give us IPAD devices full of APPS and functions to occupy our Mind and Time for decades on end as in "Give Them a Function They Will Be Happy", like little babies who always have to be occupied by some activity and function, to saturate the mind and time instead of being able to just do absolutely nothing at all, what Man should really do, absolutely nothing at all, a void, etc. We don't need any further applications, any other novelties, we have more than enough, as in the machines are programming what we have to do, what we do and our activities and behaviors, we no longer program the machines, the machines program us (or the programmers who programmed the machines are programming our life indirectly by making everyone interact with these machines through all the silly APPS all day long).

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check out:

And we now have a GLUT of ENERGY, not a Peak: the USA has much more carbon than they thought, we have shale oil and other non conventionals that have been discovered, we now have Excess Capacity and a GLUT of Solar Panels from China (dumping anyone ?) a glut of Wind Farms and Etheonal fuel and bio oils and so forth and so on, and hybrid cars and now some electric cars and on forever. Oil is going down in price, not enough demand.

No Resource Scarcity myth here as far as I can see...

We can build trillions of Skyscrapers and Rockets to Mars and Give out a Free Salary to all worldwide and a Free Lunch and Cheap Rents for homes...

Oh, I see, Man needs a conflict for his Economy to operate, needs inequality, needs to win something against another turd in order to do something otherwise "He Wouldn't Work", needs to have some slaves and gain a profit from investment otherwise everything just stagnates like in the USSR... Oh, I see...

Well then, just change the way his mind and thought systems are programmed, change the program in brains, you can do it man, just do it. First gear, it's All Right, Second Gear, Hold On Tight, Third Gear You are Out of Sight...




"My sense is that the only reason this stuff exists is one reason and just one reason only: A. Bombs. B. Energy so we can stick it to the arabs and stop buying their oil. "

Not the most important reasons: the most important reasons are to buy a lot of equipment and machines and wires etc. from a lot of manufacturers hence creating a nice money cycle in the economy where a lot of high tech or even middle tech companies can work, sell and hire and give jobs to college grads, etc.

To hire and give work to all the college grads on tech, science, physics and electronics and mathematics, since they have been all chanting, in the last 50 years, since I was a little baby, "WE NEED MORE MATH AND SCIENCE GRADS, AND ENGINEERS AND INNOVATION AND STARTUPS AND TECHNOLOGY AND SILICON VALLEY SUCCESS STORIES AND THE SELF MADE MAN INVENTING SOME NEW CRAP IN HIS GARAGE AND SO FORTH AND SO ON."(in all truth, this technological economy needs more engineers and workers in general like a hole in the head, the measure of the success of the present economic model is how many people it can leave at home producing the same amount of goods (not services which are all make believe, unecessary, a lot of hot air and craporola) and in fact it amazes me that the USA economy still has 100 million people employed, that number should and will go down, way way down to maybe 5 million people tops, the rest are just not needed, fluff, a waste of space, time and money, etc.).

In all truth, I don't think that there is anymore possible technological applications at the particle accelerator energy levels: we are way beyond anything that can be used and any possible applications. After all, this particle accelerator and particle physics stuff has been going on for decades now, and still no real new application has popped up from it: and don't confuse the old fashioned technologies used to accelerate the particles like super conducting magnets and such or the software and computers as "applications": they were designed and invented without any need to know or use any of this physics, etc.

The great Mother of all Models for all of this Science and Technology and Startup and Silicon Valley and Innovation myth that has been going on in the last 50 years all comes from a very simple, once in a civilization's lifetime story: the applications of solid state circuits on slabs of Silicon and the Moore's law of transistor integration and such, and those few lucky breaks allowing Bill Gates to invent his little BASIC programming language for the first PCs and Steve Jobs to invent his first little PC and such: and hence the myth that that could go on forever with ever new inventions and such. But that game is over and done with, 90 % of the inventions and applications that are possible have been made, now very little is really left, and you just have to look at all the new technology being applied in cars and compare the numbers to cars of the 1960s: Lamborghini in 1967 could travel 300 km/h and go from 0 to 100 in 7 seconds: now after 50 years, the numbers are 350 km/h and 0 to 100 in 2.8 seconds: wow what a big deal after 50 years of Research and Development: same with gas consumption, you get 20 km/l you had 10 km/l, wow what a big improvement, etc.

The tech game is mostly over, we are just doing the same things over and over again, putting a digital camera in the IPAD, etc. Calling the Internet with a new name "The Cloud", etc.

The only real novelty will be changing how our neural circuits are arranged in our brain and free salaries and cheap rents to all and huge public private projects, the same BS I have been talking about for years all over the Internet...

But most of all, no one can cross control the results of the LHC, it is only one experiment done in one place with a one specific group of persons etc.: Science really means that the same result must be obtained in a different place, with different people, independently, etc. So it can't be controlled, so in a sense, the Higgs Boson discovery is outside of the realms of Science already, no possibility to control the truth of it all in you garage...

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No Common World

No Common World

I see the world as A and want A1, you see the world as B and want B1, so what is the world then "Objectively Speaking" ? What is the correct politics or the correct thing to desire or the correct way the "World Should Be" or how it should "Be Seen" ? None, there isn't any, it is all a simple tug of war, a fight amongst contrasting, but equally arbitrary and Subjective views and Politics of an imaginary Common World which doesn't exist at all, since the world is only a stage where contrasting will powers execute their fight and conflict according to contrasting "Imaginary Mental Models" of how the world should be according to any number of ideologies, designs, desires, subjective gains, simple egostical and selfish gains, or as opposed general "common good" gains, or gains according to what is right for everyone, when everyone is different and contrasting, nay, both contrasting and collabortaing in a complex, tangled web of incoherencies, etc. It is all Subjective and only Subjectivity exists.

Hence, there is no Common World, only Points of Views, only Points of Conflict, only Points of Interactions, of one shot interactions and events that are trying to extend more than a simple one shot point like event and world that has no extension, no generality, no common substrate, no reference system (not even any extension or Space and Time essentially).

Hence,if there is No Common World, but only a never ending set of different views and models and politics and social models and a desires and goals, etc. then any world can be, any world at all is just as good, anything at all, since nothing is based on a true Objective and universally valid truth and point of view.

Hence, many different worlds all constructed and designed through many different new Mental Circuits inventing and creating new worlds is just as good, any new Man Brain designed in any number of trillions of different ways is just as good, etc.

And then all the Economic and Political and Social debates are all based on Statistics, numbers, how many people are making how much money in a certain social system, or how long is the life expectancy to judge health care systems or how much unemployment is in a country to judge the country's economic system and policies and so forth and so on. But these numbers are so abstract, they are just counting a certain property of a population and assigning it a number and judging the corresponding system and property accordingly, according to how the numbers should subjectively be (either high or low, but assigned arbitrarly as better according to some arbitrary mental model: case in point, a rich society with many unemployed may be better so high unemployment may be better and mean a more efficient economic system, since it can generate the same amount of wealth with fewer people working, etc. or a huge amount of consumption may be better as that signals ever more wealth as opposed to the green environmentalists who use these statistics as opposed to economists, etc.).

Same Old Problem Forever...

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Same Old Problems Forever...
"But the point is that the US government wastes so much of their tax revenues on nonsense things like starting wars in Iraq, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and giving away trillions of OUR money to corrupt banks. I could go on and on. With just a portion of that money services could be increased dramatically AND we could have tax cuts."

The Law of Conservation of Conflict, or the Law of Conservation of Poverty, or the Law of Conservation of Status or Inequality, or the Law of Conservation of Misery, etc. Even if you gave trillions to everyone, and the economic system could readily do this, people would just reorganize themselves along the same old divisions and boundaries of have and have nots, of boss and slave etc. They would always find a way to outsmart any system that tries to give at least the basics to all, they would create inequalities of power or cut off some basics to some portion of the population, just because, because Man and his Man Brain defines himself according to how he measures up with his similar and in order to measure up always higher and win the confrontation he always must create some unmet need for someone else to then exploit it and create the same old political - power and economic fights that have always been going on and will always be going on as long as we remain with this old clunker of a Man Brain: this old clunker on the top of our body must be changed, reprogrammed, all of these ancient Stone Age circuits creating all of these conflicts and power struggles and fights and winners and losers and bosses etc. must be reconfigured, must be erased, a new Man Brain must be designed, a new Man, with a new Contraption on the top of his body doing completely new things and no longer measuring himself against other Man Brains in order to win the game and confrontation, etc.


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You can also say that the High Property Prices and Values represent the Excess Capacity, the Free Wealth the Technological Economy generates automatically, the discharging of the free wealth through financial systems, and what better system than hiking up the costs of the basics, Homes, Education and Health Care ? That extra price is the extra Free Wealth crystallized as inflation, as value not corresponding to work, as there is no possible corresponding, real hard work, no real physical and necessary work that could ever correspond to those high prices, so the prices reflect the free wealth the system generates automatically and freezes it into property prices, etc.

Since if you say the property prices don't have to correspond to potential labor, therefore they are free to grow independently, than you are then actually saying the truth, the economic system no longer depends or has anything at all to do with real work anymore (all the real work is being performed by technology, systems, electricity, system wide networks, flow of goods with trucks, transportation, airports, energy, etc.), now the work is all imaginary, exchange of power games, status games between people, information workers exchanging bits that are all random, variable and all have any arbitrary value any arbitrary other mind decides what the value is: and the very fact that the economy has freed up so many people to simply execute this huge comic book and fairy tale kind of work is exactly because real work, real hard labor, real physical work is no longer needed at all, is obsolete, the amount of this kind of labor needed keeps on decreasing, manufacturing is very easy, a dime a dozen, can be done by machines and third world turds working for 100 dollars a month, etc. now it is all fluff and games, all facebook crap, all IPAD APPS and games, all status and random evaluations of all, now it is all subjective, no longer tied into real necessities, it is all a subjective evaluation game, all mind games, and this gives the powerful, those that can decide an infinite amount of power on all the rest since the rest are no longer needed, now you can invent all the fake jobs you want, now the power of individual will power on the economy, the subjectivities has reached infinite heights, exactly when a Technologial Economy should have freed us all from labor, it put us into an even bigger prison by locking up all up into the free will of some turd deciding what to do with millions of useless people, etc. A psychological prison depending on the other will power, on its judgments, on its subjective evaluation of you and whether you shall be fired or not, etc.

So don't believe all the economists when they talk about all of these imaginary "Structural" reasons the economy must be this or that, or this reform must be made, or you need less taxes (or more taxes ?) or this or that, or Competition or Innovation, etc. It is all a fairy tale, a make believe comic book world, the economy has nothing at all to do with work, people or labor at all, it is an automatic system that generates free wealth for all and exactly because there are no longer any structural invariants that can influence it, all the politicians and economists and such can invent any cause and effect they want and try to pass any hidden agenda they want, since there are no causes and effects anymore, you just need to brainwash everyone that your cause and effect and agenda is the right one, etc.

From: ... -high.html

"The Danish workforce consists of 3 million people, of which 1 million are public employees."

Frist what country or system is your model then ? All models suck anyways in the end.

So then it is taken for granted that the one million public workers are useless, freeloaders, getting a free salary, so then it is taken for granted that the system can create millions of fake jobs automatically and still be a very rich country, so it is taken for granted that real work is no longer needed, the myth of the private economy generating real jobs is a fairy tale, the real jobs are idiotic devices like Apple devices that only serve the purpose of fun and games and produce comic book work, etc.

Anyways, if Denmark is not good, then what country is ? Every country has its highs and lows, every place has some good and bad, etc. It all depends where you stand in the economy and if you have advantages in that country and system compared to any other: if you are a Silicon Valley boss in San Francisco, then you are a winner, but if you are some mexican immigrant there than you are the loser, so each will paint a different picture of the same place, as all places are mostly the same crap anyways.


But who said the world shouldn't be like this ? This is the natural state of affairs of all anyways...

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