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Instant or Gradual ?

We are always fighting our "Mental Model" of things, of the way we imagine that they are supposed to be, etc.: but things are independent from any of our Mental Models and we are always surprised to discover how random and independent from us or any model we have in our mind reality is. And we fight ourselves because reality contradicts our Mental Model, what "We Thought Should and Would Happen" and such: like I wanted my kid to go to college (Mental Model) but instead he became a thug and such, and so I fight myself and try to force reality to abide to the Mental Model, when the Mental Model was false and must be hosed, accept reality and give up, etc. Don't fight yourself, jut accept Reality and get rid of any Mental Models or Plans or Projects or Expectations, etc.

Back on Dice: in order to help you all contradict me, I will give you a clue: it is true that the Observer implies a Universe that he can Observe according to how he is designed, the Observer fits in perfectly with the way the Universe he Observes is designed (according to how he himself is designed, a kind of positive feedback loop fitting the Observer to his Universe, each to each other perfectly, one implies the other) and how he Interacts with it and the fixed set of events the Observer and the Outside Universe expect to occur during the lifetime of the Observer (the possible Information Relationship Set and Reciprocal Interaction Set).

But the design process that created the Observer (the Man Brain as we know it and according to the Universe as we know it) was executed by Natural Evolution, through a gradual adaptation of every new "Functionality" to the environment in which the Observer found himself in, through a constant testing and trying of each small change, making only the most functional changes survive etc. Compare this to the imagined "Instant Singularity" where there is no "Evolution" or trial and error process, but a one shot radical change of the Observer and the expectation that this Observer can survive and Live and Be Conscious in a new imagined Universe (or his Universe).

But we can imagine that all and all we are simply inside an artificial contraption where Natural Evolution and the gradual trial and error adaptation is just a make believe, a simulation, just a joke. And we can imagine any other contraption with any other radically new and one shot designed Observer Instantly adapated to a corresponding Universe and Law of Physics, as fake as can be, but since the only thing that really matters is the one shot sequence of point like events the Observer is experiencing and "Living", Evolution and Gradual are not not necessary, only the Information Relationship Set and Interaction Set count and are effectively perceived by the Observer as he lives in this "Artificial Universe": we may very well all the same be inside an "Artificial Universe" of some alien race, where a microsecond of ours is a year of theirs or a year of our life is a microsecond of theirs and so on.

Random Number

James S Saint wrote:
nameta9 wrote:Are the laws of physics invariant for all possible Observers ? If you have Observer1 O1 and Observer2 O2, are the laws of physics the same for both of them such that:

L = f1(O1) = f2(O2)

where L is an invariant form of the Laws of Physics in all possible reference systems according to all possible Observers ( all possible Information Processing Networks in newly designed Brains, all possible Processors), f1 is a particular function relative to the particular design of the particular Observer O1 and f2 is another specific function relative to the specific design of Observer2 O2 such that they transform the expression of all of the invariant repetitive laws discovered in one reference system O1 into the equivalent, but one to one association expression of the corresponding invariant repetitive laws discovered on behalf of Observer2 ?

Else they aren't the "Laws of Physics".

In fact, what I am searching for are the most General Laws of Physics possible given any possible Observer or Processor design. And this project is destined to fail because it is always biased by my own Universe and Reference System from which I will never be able to escape unless I become something else, totally alien and totally non communicable.

The design of the Observer defines the design of the Universe that the Observer will interact with, the design of the Observer implies automatically, from the outset, the only kind of universe and hence laws of physics that it can live in and have, the set of Information Relationships that it can express and "Experience", as the kind of life it can Experience, etc.

Interesting to see how Man has gone from being the center of all in old religions and even Science, to being an ever more relative item compared to the rest of the Universe, and then at the End of Science, he becomes once again the center of all, as the design of Man defines the universe he can interact and live in, but at the same time, automatically makes the design of man the utmost arbitrary and random choice, just a fluke choice amongst many trillions of possible Observer designs, of possible Processor designs and formats, and each Processor design can interact with a completely different Universe and set of laws of Physics. And hence even Man's universe is just one of many possible Universes and Laws of Physics, his very Science and Logic becomes Arbitrary and Relative, the last substance of any ground and reference system evaporates forever. Bye, bye any Absolutes...

We are just a number written on a wall, with other numbers looking at us...

Absolute Observer

Who is going to write the equation L = f1(O1) = f2(O2) ? Who is, what is the Ultimate Brain Design that can see what all possible brain designs have in common ? So if the Absolute Processor, Absolute Observer Oa can write the equation, then the equation is valid also for itself hence L = fa(Oa), but then that means all Brain designs are equivalent, they are all just the same Processor. But then that would mean something similar to a baby being equivalent to an adult (or a rock being equivalent to you, since all items are possible Brain designs, as in Brainium), they know the same thing, and then to verify the equation, you would need a different Processor from Oa, an Oc to confirm the truth Oa finds, the equation Oa finds. But then Observer Oa and Observer Oc (confirmer) would have to live in some kind of Same Reference System, same Universe with the same Laws of Physics and such, demonstrating the equation even before knowing the Observers and such. And then if you choose a Rock as a random new Brain Design and random Observer, that Rock would have to communicate to you that the Absolute Observer is right, or would have to send some information to confirm this, but a Rock cannot talk and such.

The observer writing and confirming the equation would have to be some kind of superset of all possible observers and live in some kind of superset of all possible universes and so on. Of course the universe is a function of the observer (once an observer, for example a Man Brain with eyes and touch and sound and logic decoding the world according to space and time is designed and invented, the universe where that observer can live and interact is also defined, one implies the other, etc.), so once an observer is established, so is his universe and such, but then it can never be a superset of all universes and observers it will always fall back into just another distinct random observer, maybe having many properties and looking like a superset, but effectively being only just another plain observer, etc.

And then you can always assign an Observer O3 that wants to contradict or lie or simply doesn't want to abide to the equation, who is going to tell that Observer that Oa is correct, and what does the rebel Observer even care about Oa, he can dismiss Oa as being nothing at all and such.

But then by the same reasoning, you can assign an Absolute Observer where the equation is true and another Absolute Observer where the equation is false and so on and this can justify inventing anything at all, any truth at all since you can assign the rules of verification in any way you want, you can invent all and assign all True or False or Anything else and so on and such. You can also define and assign yourself as the Absolute Observer deciding all, just like I like to do, just like the APE JOB does, and wait for the rock to contradict you or wait for another Observer to contradict you, but then the other observer would have to speak your language and decode the world according to how you decode it, but then it wouldn't be a very different observer from you, so you can always assign an observer that can't contradict you (or can contradict you, according to what you want to demonstrate), or you can always say the rock is the Absolute Observer, etc.

Hence this is the End of Science, as soon as you start changing the brain, you enter new worlds where Science is no longer operating.

Invariant ?

But, but, but .... So let's put this thing up on two feet. Here's the deal:

Are the laws of physics invariant for all possible Observers ? If you have Observer1 O1 and Observer2 O2, are the laws of physics the same for both of them such that:

L = f1(O1) = f2(O2)

where L is an invariant form of the Laws of Physics in all possible reference systems according to all possible Observers ( all possible Information Processing Networks in newly designed Brains, all possible Processors), f1 is a particular function relative to the particular design of the particular Observer O1 and f2 is another specific function relative to the specific design of Observer2 O2 such that they transform the expression of all of the invariant repetitive laws discovered in one reference system O1 into the equivalent, but one to one association expression of the corresponding invariant repetitive laws discovered on behalf of Observer2 ?

Does L and f1 and f2 exist for all possible Observers ? And if so, does it even matter ? It matters to us because we like to discover mathematical relationships valid in all possible situations (aka reference systems), but in the end what counts is the Experience the Observer undergoes in his world, and that is his reality and his universe and his laws of physics.

On the one hand, I doubt that L, f1 and f2 can exist given how radically different an Observer (a Processor) design can be, aside from the fact that you can hard wire Observers so that they can never discover their underlying laws or any laws, or you can hard wire an Observer - Processor to perceive any wild and random laws as far out and detached and unrelated to our laws (or other laws of physics existing for any other observers - processors) as possible, or hard wire an observer so that it always only Lies to itself and falsifies (simulates ?) all reality.

On the other hand, no matter how hard we try, we are always seeing everything through our reference system, our logic and our laws of physics, we are chained into a fixed f1 and O1 so to say and cannot say anything at all about f2 and O2, or something like that. And even if we can see some of what O2 sees, and even if we mix O1 and O2, and even anything else, no matter how hard we try, we can never be all possible Observers, and see things through all possible Observers, we will always format everything automatically according to what we already know, to some kind of fixed but arbitrary logic and processing machine, etc. We are trapped in our reference system no matter how hard we try to escape it and see beyond it and see a number of distinct reference systems from a more general reference system, from the outside looking in so to say, but we are never outside, we are always inside since we are trapped into some very simple laws from the outset like the Identity Principle and the Principles of Non Contradiction and such (and Space and Time and Extension references and so on).

So the only solution is to simply crack open skulls, crack open your own skull and pour wild stuff in it, design crazy circuits and contraptions and stick it in you skull, Jethro Skull, go for it man, or simply assign the V8 Engine as a new Man Brain and Observe what it is observing from the outside, imagine how the world appears to that engine and such, be crazy, be wild, party on folks, party on....


People Suck

People Suck

It is not intrinsic to housing or real estate to be such a pain in the a*s, housing can and should cost very little, even right in the middle of Manhattan, Tokyo, Paris, Madrid, Rome (no more than 50,000 dollars for a three bedroom house should be the Real Scientific Cost of most houses there) etc. It is people that suck, not houses, people that need to make cash, ever more cash from property, people suck not property, people with all of their contention, conflicts, bickering and fighting, the "Market" and such BS. Especially since we now live in an Excess Capacity Infinite Resource Technological Economy that can deliver all basic goods to all for Free, etc. But the economy, but especially this old fashioned Stone Age Man Brain needs the fight, the conflict, the contrast, the inequality, the winner or loser game, the bickering to distribute wealth, to find out "who deserves more and who doesn't" (which then all boils down to who is the stronger puncher, or who can brainwash who on any BS conceivable, or who has the better personality or "People Skills", "Soft Skills" which really means, who is the better BS artist, etc).

But the economy needs exchanges in order to operate, and exchanges imply someone who has something that someone else needs, but if those that have the goods, like property cannot exchange it for anything valuable the poor average turds can exchange, the prices of those properties go sky high: and this is because most people don't have anything of any value to exchange, are useless turds, are a big fat ZERO, and nothing and no one can do anything about it since especially all labor has been automated and optimized away and that little labor left to exchange, that is not slave factories in India, is reserved to very few top notch players, or especially the few that have "the right contacts" and the right "status level" accordingly, since it is all about status today, all about the haves keeping what they have and the have nots remaining without, etc.

Therefore wee need Free Salaries to all worldwide, Cheap Rents and huge public private projects hiring trillions of people to build those trillions of things I always talk about, like a drone, like a cry baby, like an APE JOB, trillions of Cadillacs and Rockets and BUSes etc.

And we need more work like a hole in the head, we need most people idle watching TV all day long, the greatest invention of all time since TV is an automatic life, you don't need anything more but to watch TV forever and enjoy. If you want to work, you can work for free in a hobby factory building Skyscrapers, Rockets and Cadillacs (maybe for an hour or three hours a day, you choose, etc.).


Investment ?



"how can people who make $20K a year afford $200K apartments that need another $100K in buildout? "

Sounds like the situation most of the middle class of the EU, JAPAN and a good part of the USA find themselves in doesn't it ? 20,000 dollars a year income, 200,000 dollars to buy a home or 1,000 dollars a month to rent. But if you go to Madrid or London or Rome, you are at about 300,000 dollars to buy a puny home and 2,000 dollars a month to rent. I think the situation in Tokyo and Moscow is even worse, but we all know that Real Estate and Property have become a great weapon to beat up people who have less income, a great way to distribute wealth from the poorer people to the richer, and also to let banks make a huge amount of money by forcing people to pay interests on large loans taken out to pay for high home prices and such.

"Therefore, I believe Kunstler is very vulnerable to the call of a cult with the trappings of the authoritarian, religioun based societies of "simpler" times. "

He is already inside a religious CULT: the Green, Tree Hugging, Environmentalist, Love Nature and Kill Consumerism cult that has infected most of the Western World. We have been living, starting from the 1960s on, a huge Nature Loving, Plastic and industry hating, Future and Science and Technology hating Religion and Ideology that wants the USA, EU and JAPAN to go back to a fairy tale past of living poor and with no creature comforts and such. Well, I hate that religion, it is killing our economy and the future, we should be doing the exact opposite: building trillions of Skyscrapers, Rockets to Mars, Highways, Nuclear Power Plants by the trillions, changing our Brain Style etc. etc. We need huge consumerism, we need to hate nature and simply use it as a tool for our purposes, be a Pig, be Greedy, show Nature that you are the Boss, beat it up like it deserves to be, we didn't choose this "Nature" or Matter to develop like this, some random blind forces of Natural Evolution gave us this quirky flukey design of carbon based material that has no higher status or value or metaphysical worth than any other material: just look at the planet Mars and how empty it is, a whole lot of Nothing, just the way I like it, it is bare, no Nature there, only Dead Rocks, the way Nature should really be, Dead, Empty, with No meanings or designs, especially no pain/pleasure circuits, or look at the center of Stars, what most of the material of the universe is organized as: a plasma of high energy particles, it is not a solid or a liquid or a gas, but a fourth state of Matter that we cannot relate to in any possible way, so cool, that is the way I like it, kill this Carbon Based world that sucks so much, etc.

On the Chinese Housing Bubble. Well they are building the homes as an "Investment", so they expect to be able to sell it to someone in the future at a "Higher Price": good luck with that, that didn't work out too well in the USA or Spain or JAPAN (that popped their bubble 20 years ago and still can't recover, go figure).

But it is the entire idea of "Investment" that is flawed, the idea of finding something stable, something secure, something sure etc. But nothing will ever be sure, security doesn't exist, nothing is an Investment really, it all depends on random forces and circumstances that occur for any old reason, so no matter how hard you try to create "security" to "protect your money", it will never be guaranteed, it can all fade away in a jiffy: you just need a war, an earthquake, an economic crisis and anything else. Housing and Real Estate is NOT AN INVESTMENT, and in the end neither is Cash, or Gold or Diamonds or anything else, it is all an Illusion, a false hope that things will be stable, a search for "Security" when security will never exist as life is defined exactly by all of its surprises and deep intrinsic, structural insecurities: but life is all about unstable and surprises, nay, the economy itself must constantly be unstable and changing and constantly killing all investments and certainty to function at all, since the economy is a fight and constant game changing hand of poker, since that is what creates the engine of economic activity, along with Inequality and all kinds of games with a Winner and a Loser, etc.

Anyways, the entire idea of "Investment" should be hosed, there is nothing worth investing in anymore, just invest in huge Consumption and trillions of empty Skyscrapers and trillions of Rockets to Mars and such.

On China:


"I was looking at some of China on google maps and photos and such. It is "beyond pale", as someone said, they are really building like there is only tomorrow! You can estimate how much excess real estate inventory they already have by a simple thought experiment: the USA has 300 million people, so just imagine to add four extra floors to all homes in the USA to host 1.5 billion. Now look at their towns and cities, most of their buildings have 4 or more floors, but also thousands upon thousands of various high rises, no way they can pull off the excuse of "population", it just doesn't hold, they simply have huge excess capacity with no end in sight."


"Maybe the Chinese government should start paying itself some serious property tax, can you imagine how much cash they could obtain by printing it and giving it to themselves in the form of property taxes and then flooding the world with their cash ? "


Author Profile Page 8man | May 29, 2012 4:47 AM | Reply

Or look at the center of Stars, what most of the material of the universe is organized as: a plasma of high energy particles, it is not a solid or a liquid or a gas, but a fourth state of Matter that we cannot relate to in any possible way, so cool, that is the way I like it, kill this Carbon Based world that sucks so much, etc.

Also from:


"I can't stand these Greens and Environmentalists and scaredy cats all afraid of manipulating the living daylights out of Nature, always finding something poisonous and bad in every process, you can't build atomic energy reactors, you can't build high speed trains, you can't do this or that and this or that. What c*cks! all in the name of Nature, this phony "False Religion" if I ever saw one (give us back the Catholics and the old Christ, or even the old Christian Fundamentalists with their hell and punishment and all, but please don't introduce yet another fake religion, another belief system, another set of crappy values). It is their fault we have the economic crisis, we should consume and build like there is no tomorrow, we should build trillions of Skyscrapers, Rockets to Mars, trillions of Malls, buy and throw away like crazy, every 3 years change all furniture and cars, wild crazy consumption, and hose nature, use nature until it no longer exists, since then we will use Mars, and the Sun itself, go on, do it, you can do it, go on."


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Sayeth Jesus, the Son of Man, the King of the Jews:

"Then why the fuck are you still in this universe? Why don't you just change your brain already and go somewhere else? You talk about it like it's so easy, so do it. Bye."

The APE JOB replies:

It has already been done, just the thought of the Instant Singularity creates it (the old fashion "Technological Singularity" with computers designing themselves into ever smarter minds into an oblivion and singularity is substituted with the New Instant Singularity that just instantly cracks open skulls and sticks wild stuff in the Brain to make it become "Something Else", etc.), just the thought modifies Minds and creates a new universe, a new reality, the thought creates the new big bang and a new universe, the idea and concept disconnects the mind and the Observer from any underlying physics and all elementary particles, the thought modifies the Observer which renders reality no longer dependent on True or False, Real or Fake, it renders reality independent of the Material substrate, nay, it changes the material substrate into some other kind of material, etc. A New Big Bang.

So it has been done, is being done, the rock on the floor is a New Brain executing a new world, even if this is not true, because it no longer depends on being true, or any categories or logic of your puny mind Jesus, Son of Man, King of the Jews. Now go on and tell your father, GOD, that the rules have changed now, tell him that something else is in control, the someone else is in now in charge. Now, crack open your skull and shove wild stuff in it.

So you see, it is really easy, just imagine a new mind in your thought and brain and execute it and you enter a new Universe. AMEN.


Short Story

Science is a short story, the greatest invention of all will also be the last invention of the Human Race, we will EXIT this world in a jiffy, in a moment and we will be gone (or is it the world as we know it, decode it and format it going to be gone ?).

"We have to discover/understand it before we can re-invent it."

There is no IT. There is no objective reality, there are only subjective events and sensations, each person a point like event happening in a moment and nothing else.

You can go the route of trying to discover "How the Brain Works" and learn all of the repetitive patterns and rules, and especially keep on applying your logic and implied outside reality world and implied objective reality world (implied because you think your Man Brain and Experience and Your Life experience somehow represents the ONE Objective, Invariant Reality when it is just a random quirk of sensations and mental models and memories of things and sets of events and actions and reactions a randomly designed Observer experiences with no Truth or Objectivity or Deeper Knowledge than any Cartoon World and Simulator you can invent) and then manipulate a new brain accordingly, but you would never know :

1) What exactly the new brain would experience with your "logic" applied to it, since applying your logic, the logic of your world and brain to a new brain would be to make believe that all brains and any observer must operate accordingly, according to something you already know, the new brain as formatted or as designed according to another brain, but since there is no Ultimate Objective Brain, they are all random subjective, arbitrary quirks, you would just be mixing brain styles and the corresponding universes with them. A observes and manipulates B but B could also observe and manipulate A, but both A and B are arbitrary relative quirks and flukes, neither is an absolute reference system, so since there are no absolute reference systems, all brains are just a quirk and random design not containing any truth or any reality at all, just designs, just Information Relationships;

2) How your own brain and world would appear to the modified mind, how it would interpret it, how it would like to apply its "logic" or rules to your own brain, and would like "to see how your own brain works and what happens by manipulating it" and such.

The point is that modifying the Brain and Designing a new brain is such a total and radical departure from anything ever done before, that there is no point of contact between what the new brain and its corresponding universe and new laws of physics observes with what we observe: they are so different and so disjoint, that simple any random and wild manipulation of a brain is equivalent, is equally logical, is equally correct since there is no longer any correct or incorrect operating, there is no longer any logic operating, any history, and connection to anything we model in our mind.

It is the End of Science and the beginning of completely new worlds, there is no longer any linear accumulation of knowledge since the Measuring device containing the accumulated knowledge (our brain) is no longer a fixed and stable invariant item, but a variable, unstable, new Observer open to any events, any interpretations and actions and reactions, and therefore totally alien from us, the most extremely alien and different from us than you can possibly imagine.

What happens when you change the Observer of the Universe ? You also change the universe totally and completely and you discover that there is no fixed universe, only an infinite array of possible observers and universes without any direction, or history, or reference system, not even the reference system of time and space, since time and space is done away with completely in many new types of Observers.

We may approach these experiments very gradually, with very small changes and with simulated universes, since the departure from what we know would be too radical and sudden for our Man Brain to accept and Decode...

"I mean really do have mastery over nature, then sure."

There is no "nature" and there is no "mastery of nature", only new designs, new wild and wicked Man Brains doing things completely unknown and alien from us...stick wild chemicals and wild signals in the Man Brain, shove a V8 engine in the Man Brain crazily and irrationally, make a mess, don't use logic, use ART, make it jump in a new universe...

Oh, what I wrote is all wrong, I am using my logic to disprove my logic and such, so cool, how I love to contradict myself constantly, WORSHIP CONTRADICTION, THE HIGHER MODE OF REASONING, BE WRONG ALWAYS, BE AS WRONG AS POSSIBLE!


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American Welfare is Better



American Welfare is Better

So they have larger houses in the USA, even made cheaply with wood and such, but they often have a basement, a garage, an attic, extra room, they have room, they have backyards and such and wide roads. So if you have a son or daughter or relative out of a job and without a house just put them in the garage and make a room for him, or put him in the basement or attic and such, and that will create less room and house problems: in Europe they don't have extra room in houses, they have small, tight, puny houses and tight roads, they don't have room enough etc. So they are poorer in this respect compared to the USA and therefore they have higher house prices, way higher than in the USA. And in fact the housing bubble in the USA hurts more because people have extra room they can use, the housing bubbles that popped in Spain or the UK (and that must still pop in Italy, but they forgot to pop it or is it that their owner class is never going to let it pop so as to create hugely artificially high prices for puny homes forever since no market forces work in that Failed Puny Cartoon Economy of Italy ?) didn't make the prices go down much: they should have crashed like crazy, they should have been cut all by 90 %, a 3 bedroom house in the center of London or Madrid or Rome should not cost more than 50,000 dollars, but since those economies don't operate by market forces, only by the strong ones making the prices and forcing them down everyone's throat, they will always be much poorer than the USA.

And in the USA you get food stamps to eat, so there: you get a room and can eat no matter what, in Europe you are not granted either structurally, it is a failed puny continent of greedy Right Wing Thugs.

But then you have the Health Care costs in the USA that compensate the free room and board of the USA described above, so as you see, the law of conservation of wealth is observed anyways across different systems, either you pay in one way or in another, and in the USA there are many more homeless than in the EU, another weird effect, but then again, the law of conservation of wealth or (pain and pleasure) compensates the puny homes in the EU with stronger family ties or something else, who knows...

Failed State ?

When a country is bankrupt and can't pay anymore, then all of their imports cost more, a lot more, there is very little exchange value left for the country: you would think that under those circumstances the prices of local goods should go way down to compensate how much the Failed State must pay for Computers or TVs or Energy and such, so the value of homes should go way, way down and so should local food and such. But for every force there is an equal and contrasting force operating, and since the number of economic exchanges is reduced in a failing and dying economy, there is a force that would make the price of homes go way, way up since those few exchanges that are still going on become the only chance to gain some cash and such. So what will it be ? Home prices going up or down in Failed States such as Greece, Portugal, Spain and Italy ? Whatever, the entire "Science" of Economics is a failed endeavor, like the blind man that wins a chess game by guessing while the loser tries to figure it all out: there are no rules or objective reality, only random forces going any place.

And then,the very meaning of an economy "growing" and "healthy" is an economy with many exchanges, as many as possible, people exchanging a huge number of items and such, and that makes the economy "grow", but in order to have that, the prices must be low and everyone should have something that someone else thinks is valuable to exchange. But how on earth is that going to happen anymore, with jobs being automated out of existence and fewer and fewer real possible exchanges and such and debts to pay, so fewer exchanges and such ?


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Europe ?

Europe ?

Why doesn't the USA and the Federal Reserve just get it over with ? Why don't they just print a few trillion dollars, give it to Greece (and to the other "Failed States" of Europe Italy, Spain, Portugal, etc.) and just absorb the entire continent as a new USA state, maybe call it NEW TEXAS or EAST NEW JERSEY or something like that and cut all the BS and crap ? We all know that there is nothing behind all the debts and economic laws and rules, just power plays, just make believe interdictions and crap, just a make believe cartoon world of economics that doesn't make any sense and is mostly insane.

Just get it over with and give them the CASH BABY, CASH, they will be alright, they will understand that it doesn't matter, that they are all insignificant turds on the Worldwide Economic Radar thanks to the Technological Economy generating Free Wealth and Excess Capacity by the boatloads.

And what is wrong with Europe anyways ? Why can't they be ONE UNIT, ONE POWER, ONE FEDERAL STATE, ONE POLITICAL STATE with "Liberty and Justice For All" according to the only model that can work, and namely the USA model ? With one Language (American English, the Neutral Type, the Standard International English that everyone understands because all the local, baroque crap of the UK is done away with once and for all) ?

How many European countries do not have the EURO ? Oh, just the richest, bar none, (the hogs, the ones that should be giving their cash to puny Spain, Portugal, Greece and Italy, but they are too egotistical and greedy to give the cash out for free, the craps, they should be forced by a higher power (the only Real Boss: the USA) to pay for the mistakes of the weaker clowns, bar none) : those that don't have the EURO as a currency are the UK, SWEDEN, NORWAY (which has 400 billion dollars stashed away thanks to their oil sales), SWITZERLAND (other billions of dollars stashed away since they are the worldwide bank, and clean money from thieves and such) DENMARK and some others. Aside from the fact that you can't even pinpoint down where Europe starts or ends and who is part of it (is Serbia part of it ? Ukraine ?, Romania ?) who knows and who can keep track !

They all have their puny local language and "culture" and "history", they have their "Identity" and such. Are they crazy or what ? Kill all local identites, one Nation, one Force, that is the model, they all have these petty little fights between themselves, they are all such special little turds, Spain is divided in various factions, Ireland against the UK and so on forever. Their history and identity and such is "so important", what idiots, what clowns!

Well who cares about their identity, throw it all down the toilet, the world is now a fight amongst Gigantic Economical and Technological Blocks of Power, China, the USA, India, Russia and so on, all these little identities have no room and no business surviving anymore, they must all be forced to be part of a MONOLITHIC BLOCK OF POWER FIGHTING AGAINST THE OTHER BLOCKS, we are not going to care about history anymore, now it is all about HUGE ECONOMIES OF SCALE, THE TECHNOLOGICAL ECONOMY AUTOMATING ALL PRODUCTIVE ENDEAVORS, THE DEATH OF WORK AND LABOR ONCE AND FOR ALL, TRILLIONS OF ROCKETS TO MARS, TRILLIONS OF SKYSCRAPERS, TRILLIONS OF NEW BRAIN DESIGNS, THE COLONIZATION OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM, THE FUTURE, no more history or local fairy tales and baroque identities, Europe must be one Federal State, including all of them from Norway to Albania to Ukraine to BieloRussia to Poland to Romania etc. One Monolithic Unit, and if they can't do it on their own then they should just become a State of the USA (or of China or Russia, let them decide to which BOSS they must abide, puny fairy tale craps always fighting and being greedy and not helping their weaker clown states: what they did to Greece would never have happened in the USA, go figure)...

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Liquid Brainium

Liquid Brainium

So free your Brain Style and Brain Design from the arbitrary choice Natural Evolution or GOD or the Laws of Physics decided to give to it just for fun, just for the kicks of it, just to show how arbitrary they were in designing this specific and peculiar Brain Contraption. It is not necessary to decode "How it Works", who cares how it works, what importance does that have ? Any way it works is just an arbitrary fluke design choice on behalf of Nature, there is nothing Metaphysical or Absolute or Spiritually Greater or worth more than any design you choose for the Brain to have: nay, the Brain can have any possible design imaginable, can be an infinitely contorted and complex contraption working in trillions of incredible different ways. And in fact, the very fact that there are so many possible Brain Designs, that the possible combinations are surely greater than 10^100 (100 circuits in 10 different configurations and each configuration is a new world, and experience space, and possible interaction and universe space with new laws of physics and new emotion circuits and contraptions and sense organs and so on forever) means that we will never know anything at all, the amount of possiblities to discover is so large that we will never know anything, we know nothing at all, even if we experience some of the trillions of possibilities, we will never know anything at all no matter what and no matter how hard we try. Brains self designing themselves, universes self designing themselves, laws of physics self inventing themselves and such.

Don't figure out how the Brain works, Invent how it works, Design a new Brain, nay, Invent a new false way of how you want it to work, lie to yourself, lie to the brain, the brain deserves to be lied to, invent brains, do not investigate them or figure out how they work, invent how they work, make it all up, tell lies, never tell the truth and so forth.

So you can design and construct a modified mind that changes its internal circuits according to the images it sees, any image becomes a new neural circuit set, all the brain signals will now be processed by the image (or you can do the opposite and process the brains as bits and information chunks on behalf of images and such) a new brain hence a new world, and the new neural circuits composed and set up according to the image it receives with its eyes (a tree, a car, a forest, whatever) will process the internal signals of the new Brain Mindform Contraption, the new Observer Contraption and so forth.

The Information becomes the Observer (or/and the Observer brecomes the Information ?) and the Observer may use other Brains as its information and such and so on forever, just invent it be crazy, invent the most incredible contraptions you can.

So just like everything you see is a Brain as in Brainium, all is a possible Brain design, nay, is actually a new brain, is a new Observer, then it is all a liquid of Brains, ever changing designs and Observers exploring the space of possibilities of Universes and Worlds and new Laws of Physics...

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Laws of Physics Revisited

Laws of Physics Revisited

I was reading how scientists are discovering how certain parts of the Brain works: but that is the point, we shouldn't be discovering how the Brain works, we should be inventing how the Brain works, we should be inventing and designing how we would like the Brain to Work, we should be inventing new Brain Designs and new Brain Styles, new interactions, new Observers, new Observer Types.

And if you change the Observer, the ground point from which all is measured and observed and how the Observer interacts with what it observes and measures, you change everything, the very structure of existence changes, you enter a new world, an new universe having new laws of physics, nay, even more, you enter something so new and different that it can't be described or associated with anything we already know: saying that you enter a new universe with new laws of physics is too reductive, is too modest compared to how deeply all could change, to how hugely different and new, completely new and revolutionary all of the structure of existence and information and interactions and new events occurring can be.

But then which Observer will measure and compare the new Observer to which (and how ?) ? Which will serve as a ground point ? And if the laws of physics are valid for us, how does that translate to what the laws of physics are for the newly designed Observer Type?

But any Observer, interacting or mixing with or measuring a new Brain Contraption would still have to be aware and remember what his laws of physics are compared to what the new Observer sees, but at a certain point the measuring Observer, in order to more fully perceive and measure the new Observer would have to gradually lose his awareness and memory of his original world and laws of physics until he becomes the new Observer ? So then the laws of physics are only a function of which particular Observer is interacting with the physics...


Your Problem is My Solution



Your Problem is My Solution

A trillion people living in Tent Cities and a trillion empty McMansions that cost a million dollars each, better yet a trillion people crushed together in 10 square feet of room space, just for fun, just for the kicks of it, to obtain ever more and higher pleasure as ever more pain is inflicted, while you have trillions of empty huge luxury McMansions, oh what fun, that is so cool, that is what I want, like a cry baby, I want the expression of inequality to be affirmed, the expression of power and status to be confirmed, the winner wins big time and wins ever more as the pain on the losers is inflicted ever more and the winner has all of those McMansions all for himself, so cool, that is Metaphysical Justice Obtained. That is spiritually correct.

What many people don't understand is that there is no common ground, there is no Win Win situation in economics, the very economy exists only because there is inequality (and must always be, ever more and higher inequality to produce ever more economic activity), there is a winner and a loser always, there will always be winners and losers and the winners will do all they can to maintain their status relationship, their upper hand, they will do all they can to render the status and power (as money is a proxy for power and status and how much pain you can inflict on the losers essentially) relationship invariant, even by brainwashing you of how we are all "working together" for the "common good" or whatever. The very engine of the economy is the inequality of power, is the possibility to use others as tools on behalf of some others and so forth: without that reward, without the comparison, without the power relationship and poker game where you can win or lose, without the risk and always changing situations, and the possibility of losing your status and status changing hands, the economy would halt and die, it couldn't function, greed and egotism and being a hog is exactly what any economy is all about, and how all those impulses and forces interact and change and change hands and such.

So all the talk of a "Healthy Economy" and "Productivity" and "Competitive Economy" (especially all the BS on Training and Education and Innovation, all such huge crap) and such is BS, is just a fairy tale to make everyone think that we are working together for a common good, for something we all have in common, when in all truth, there is nothing in common with anyone or anything, it is each man for himself out to get you. It is actually a logical error to consider the economy as being "healthy" or "good" or working and such, the economy is just a random mix of contrasting forces going anywhere and ending up anywhere with a set of winners and losers (that at least have a better chance of changing places more often in the USA (more flexible economy, hire and fire, always change mentality) than in the rest of the world where status and relationship forces are so rigid and ingrained, etc.), end of story.

What did create a real Win Win situation, real growth and improvement was the application of technology to all productive endeavors in the 20th century, the Technological Economy generating free wealth that ended up really trickling down to most people, by shear quantity and force and economy of scales, and by some market forces, some capitalism, and a lucky combination of forces and status relationships that weren't too strictly enforced and too rigid and invariant as is now: case in point, the cost of renting or buying a house compared to minimum wage a few decades ago and today (you could rent a house with 30 % of a minimum wage in the 60s and 70s and now you need more than 60 % of a minimum wage, etc.).

But to really understand the economy, you can say that the only real mechanism that is working is that of creating problems to some and those problems and their solution is the the solution to problems for others: I want to make cash by building homes, I will hike the prices of the homes as high as possible, so I will solve my problem of making a profit by creating a problem for you, I will gain cash and you will have to pay a lot of cash, your problem is my solution.

The fairy tale and myth of market forces automatically adjusting the costs of housing and problems and solution mix doesn't operate anymore: the status relationships are invariant and rigid, the winner wins ever more, the loser loses ever more, housing used as a weapon is destined to continue no matter what, YOUR PROBLEM IS MY SOLUTION, there is no solution to this situation, it will always be like this.

And especially, when they say "Spark Growth", no one ever says that housing costs must go way down, must be as cheap as possible for other parts of the economy to grow, no one wants to make the cost of housing Crash Baby Crash, like it should, the powers that be want to maintain the status relationship represented by high housing costs forever invariant no matter what.

So how on earth is the economy going to grow when housing costs are still so high ? A 3 bedroom house in Manhattan and Los Angeles or Silicon Valley should cost no more than 100,000 dollars and outside important areas no more that 50,000 dollars. And the same in London, Tokyo, Paris and Moscow, Madrid and Rome, etc.

By the way, housing costs are hugely higher in the puny rest of the world compared to the USA, Spain still has insanely high housing costs for small apartments in Madrid, what are they waiting for to crash the prices like crazy ? A house in failed city of Madrid should not cost more than 20,000 dollars, bar none. And in Rome the situation is even more insane: even there houses should cost no more than 50,000 dollars in the center of the city (and Rome has a huge Housing Bubble that no one still noticed, go figure, they have prices way higher than the maximum prices that where operating in the USA and Spain at the height of their housing bubble just before it popped, but Italy is another failed and bankrupt state just waiting to roll over and die). And what about London ? Another insane city, they must be crazy or what ?!?! the prices of apartments must crash like crazy there, but you have all of these rich turds worldwide buying houses in London hiking up the prices so they can "protect their money" and especially "express their status relationship" to the rest of the world, and use housing as a weapon against the poor in London and such.

Same for Moscow and Bangkok and Tokyo and Seoul, housing prices must crash like crazy, etc. And then especially these puny make believe "developed economies" would like to grow, but how can they with such huge housing prices, another example why the myth of growth in the rest of the world outside of the USA is impossible structurally, the powers that be and the status relationships that are operating in the rest of the world will ensure that there will always be very little growth (real growth as increased consumption on behalf of the average worker, like in the USA) and they will keep on hogging up as much cash as possible through high housing costs and such.

And then, all the debates rotate around what is "objectively operating" what is "scientifically operating" and such, when in all things social and economics, there is no objectivity, only decisions and choices forced upon everyone else, only brainwashing, only convincing everyone that things are in a "certain way". So you can say that there is so much unemployment and so little work available, and everyone will believe it, and the next day say that there are millions of jobs available and so much work to do etc. when in all truth work and jobs is an arbitrary concept, is a subjective idea and invention, if everyone agrees that there is all this work to do companies will hire millions to do all kinds of invented (or real ? who knows and who can tell ?) jobs, just to hose them all the next day and repeat the cycle forever: the bottom line, there is no static objective truth or reality, only ideologies, subjectivities, new problems invented and new jobs, and new problems solved and jobs killed, and new decisions, always changing (always looking for profits or the possibility of your status changing position ?) and such.


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"I read one blurb in the local paper saying that everyone at G-8 agreed to 'spark growth' in Europe as a way out of the mess. Spark growth?? What the fuck does that mean...exactly? "

You see, the worldwide economy and its models, targets, statistics, values, etc. are all based on the "American Economic Model": And the Model is really precisely the American one, the USA model, as that is the model of Capitalism, Free Enterprise, Consumption, Innovation, Technology etc. that was really successful in the 20th century, that really fixed the baseline and ground point from which all other models and economies and societies and countries would then be measured.

But the model really only ever worked mostly in the USA: it is a case of Capitalism, but especially Consumerism in only one country, all other countries don't come close, will never come close, cannot come close even if they wanted to. And why is this ? because no other country is set up like the USA, with large homes, single family homes, large so that you can fill them up with all kinds of junk made all over the world, 2 car garages, wide streets, front and back yards, etc. And manipulable wood homes, not made of concrete like most of the world where it is hard to modify your home, hence huge Home Depot stores with a huge selection of items, consumption of items and such.

Just compare this to so called successful countries that had "High Growth" for decades like Singapore or Hong Kong, or South Korea or JAPAN or Germany: compare their puny tight streets, small homes, mostly apartments but mostly small where you can't fill them up with all kinds of random consumer goods bought constantly. Compare those countries that "Grew" economically and are successful economically to the USA: they all lack really huge Big Box stores full of stuff like in the USA, Malls all over the place, all kinds of stores and choices and huge activity of consumerism and such. But especially they don't like to Buy Baby Buy, consume and buy and keep the game going as they do in the USA. Look at Germany, they have cash but they don't like to buy all kinds of things (they are green and puny consumers etc.), where are all their Malls and their Home Depots ? where are all the huge shopping centers, where are all the big houses with 2 car garages, and such ? Same for JAPAN and Hong Kong and South Korea and most of Europe.

Singapore is a joke: you can't even have a car unless you are rich since there are no parking spaces and such.

So in a world of mostly puny consumers, tight streets, puny homes, no Big Box stores, etc. green thugs who are afraid of Buying and Consuming like crazy for some religious ideology that believes that Nature is sacred, how is Growth going to be Sparked ? Who, aside from the USA is going to spark any kind of growth ? Like the joke of Chinese shopping centers full of stuff that no one can afford to buy and such.

Add to this the fact that most of the world is rigid economically, is not flexible as the USA (tight puny labor markets not hire and fire and always change like the USA, insecurity people have pumping up the cost of real estate like crazy since they have nothing else to base their security upon), is full of ideology, especially green and tree hugging ideologies that don't want to Build Baby Build like Crazy (High Speed Trains, Skyscrapers, Rockets, Big Box Stores full of crap and such) and you can be sure that there will be no growth worldwide or very little growth, hence high unemployment and such.

Can you imagine an american styled Home Depot and Lowes in Singapore or Hong Kong or Tokyo and such ? where are the parking lots ? in those puny tight streets, etc. ? That is the problem, that is why this global economy sucks, because the model all the world is trying to imitate is the American model but with their local structure of cities and towns built around people and not cars, with an anti-consumerist mentality, with a structure of living and building that simply cannot grow even if it wanted to. Those places, most of the world has no room to grow, it is all tight and saturated and puny and crappy (tight roads in Italy, traffic jams keeping people from going out and such, tight roads in Bangkok or UK, etc.).

And don't even get me started on Mexico or Brazil or Bangkok and such: small crappy puny homes, tight streets, no Big Box stores, no huge parking lots, etc. They will never grow no matter what, they are destined to be poor turds as usual, etc.

The American model can mostly only work in America, as the USA is the only real "Worldwide Consumer", even the closest similar countries like Canada and Australia are smaller and tighter and have less shopping centers than the USA: and then remember: the USA was built around cars (hence they have the largest highway and road system worldwide, wide streets and parking lots) the rest of the world was built (badly and puny) around people, hence the rest of the world will not Grow Baby Grow like they should.

So, I repeat, we need Huge Consumption, all the world must be filled with Huge Parking Lots, Huge Big Box Stores, huge McMansions, Trillions of Skyscrapers, Trillions of Rockets to Mars, kill nature, hate nature, this religion of Nature is killing us, we need Trillions of Jets across the sky, Trillions of High Speed Trains, split the Sun, Grab the Energy, colonize the Solar System, etc. Be a pig and hog it all up, don't refrain...and Free Salaries (since the Technological Economy has killed jobs once and for all and for good), Cheap Rents...


Monday, May 21, 2012




"At some point, the easy energy runs out and people realize that the new model is to do more with less, and scale back, not go chasing down dreams like phantom returns on dubious Facebook stocks.

All this is leading toward an adjustment in the future, when there is no more means of coping and adjustment to changing circumstances. We don't build or plan for these changing circumstances, only get more desperate to preserve our current models. All this means is that when we can no longer sustain them at well, we will collapse, because there is no other model to follow, and this will be the new Dark Age."

The problem is that there is no "New Model". Who says the problems rotate around "Resource Scarcity myths" like Peak Oil or Peak Wealth ? Who can be so sure ? I have often declared that the problem is the exact opposite: we have way too much Money, Wealth, Technology to know what to do with it, we are way too rich compared to what we know what to do with it and compared to what our model of living has always been up until a few decades ago, until the Technological Economy did away with scarcities once and for all and we cannot adjust to living without the need for working (the constraints of limits mankind has always had to deal with, but today these limits are no longer present, they are mostly psychological, political and cultural) since the economy generates wealth automatically, system wide, technologically wide, etc.

The "changing circumstances" are both provoked, invented, created culturally and occurring automatically simultaneously without no one knowing who or what is changing the circumstances and how. No one is in control, no one is deciding anything, it is all automatic, the "events are in the driver's seat at this point" and at the same time we are all creating the circumstances by describing and interpreting reality according to an arbitrary cultural model (the economy must grow, profits must be made, unemployment must drop (and who is to say why ? does this system really need more workers to operate or is the more workers needed only as a wealth distribution mechanism, since money can't simply be given out for free without some kind of excuse to justify it ? especially since this economy is all about consumption and spending and not at all about production and work, nay, the production and work part of it is the easy part, the hard part is to keep people constantly spending and consuming, consumption is way more important than production and labor, bar none)), in other words it becomes intractable, it cannot be followed anymore or it could be followed in any way you want, and hence all of the different opinions, ideas, "interpretations" and "theoretical explanations", macro economic and sociological explanations and such, all the contradicting political choices and movements like the Tea Party opposing the Occupy Wall Street party and such.

So the current model may be coming to an end, but there is no other possible model to substitute it, the only possible model would be Free Salaries to All, Cheap Rents, Huge Public Private projects like Trillions of Skyscrapers, and Trillions of Rockets to Mars and such.

Or any future model is completely arbitrary, is an aesthetical choice, is a random choice of what the majority of the people will want, there is no determinism operating, no necessity for any given model to prevail there is no law of economics that imposes any model and in fact any possible model will do, even no model at all and random chaotic forces going anywhere and ending up anywhere (and then never end up anywhere because they just set the stage for another sequence of events and so forth forever).